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Exhaustion - Marvin the Robot talks politics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Exhaustion [May. 17th, 2013|02:39 pm]
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Bias may well play a role in my lack of concern over allegations against the Obama administration, but I really think a lot of it is simple exhaustion. We're swiftly coming on 20 years of incredible amounts of political bullshit, and I don't think "incredible" is hyperbolic here. When one really considers it, one can hardly help but take a dim view of the whole of American federal politics.
So we have some possible political bias in prosecution and enforcement, and we have a scandal of incompetence which led to tragic and unnecessary deaths.
I mean, it's not like this is new. In the context of the Bush administration, honestly, it's almost miraculous how few such disasters have taken place. If we take the perspective there are many but they are underreported, we then must reckon with the fact the AP was caught with their hands in the news story cookie jar during the Bush administration, taking many articles without even a glance at content or honesty and printing them as fact, so underreporting would be... not new.
So how do I feel about all this? Exhausted. Bored, even. Yes, people are occasionally getting assassinated by drone strikes. It makes for good comedy, but again, not news. Yes, extraordinary rendition is still possible, and there's still no great likelihood one could expect upon such occasion to get a fair trial. Yes, women serving in the military still get raped, and their rapists still get let off scot free. That doesn't make good comedy, to my knowledge, though I confess I'd like somebody to lighten me up a little.
When I voted for Obama in the primary and general elections in 2008 and 2012 (insofar as a primary took place in the latter), I wasn't expecting miracles. I might've been hoping for better, but not expecting.
I got what I expected. Maybe even a few things I didn't dare hope for.
Whatever. I live here. I do what I can to improve things, but I'm poor, probably always will be poor, and that makes a difference in influence. *shrugs*
So fuck it.