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Snowden's Secrets - Marvin the Robot talks politics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Snowden's Secrets [Jun. 10th, 2013|01:52 pm]
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Yay, a Catch-22 pun. A clear indication that I'm in a super good mood.
Is there anyone outside the intelligence communities who doesn't think of our relatively recent rash of idealistic hackers -- Edward Snowden (leaked intelligence gathering from cell phone and internet metadata), Bradley Manning (leaked airstrike videos and questionable diplomatic e-mails) and the Anonymous branch what leaked HBGary's collusion with Bank of America to take down Wikileaks -- as heroes? I'm interested in other perspectives on this, but I confess I'm a bit of a fanboy.
We're living in a world which is becoming darkly interesting. Wealth and power are being concentrated at the top, so the power wrested by those not in the upper class is largely that of certain kinds of expertise and the leverage of numbers and wits against an elite who are not as competent as they'd like to think they are. I want to say our world is becoming more cyberpunk, and it probably is, but it's a genre of which I've read depressingly little.*
Meanwhile, of course, our government continues to secure power over us which it may use at any time to determine, very possibly in error, that we are threats and to neutralize us with explosives from the air.
Now we just need orbital laser satellites to fall into the hands of terrorists, and we're set for a truly horrific and fascinating future.

* I've read Idoru and Bad Voltage, and well, that's an odd pairing.