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Marvin the Robot talks politics

EWM seeks counterargument

18 February 1983
I refuse to say on grounds that my mother may read it and correct my plethora of errors, which would be a little embarrassing. Sue me.
Age: 24
Birthday: February 18th, 1983
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Est. 160-170, subject to minor fluctuation
Location: Oregon
Bloodtype: O+
Heritage: Powell Clan tracable to immigration, and a bit of every species of Oregon settler. Little Norwegian, little Welsh, little German, lot o' English although it's mainly the Welsh that shows.
Hobbies: Collecting NES games (currently finding duplicates for later sale); playing NES games (Final Fantasy, right now); keeping my wife from being jealous of said games; roleplaying in just about every genre known to man; online roleplay on a JavaChat program; trying to make sense of alien abduction, UFO phenomena, ghosts, faeries, reincarnation and pocket lint in a way which does not openly conflict with accepted science.
80's anime japanese disco, bruce campbell, cats, good jazz, good poetry, harrison ford, john cusack, science fiction books, tea, temple ov thee lemur, whitewolf's changeling setting